Is TrueTyme a FitBit "timewhole", uniquely created for the natural-high minded? Only time will tell. But TT's localized sun & moon (and mood) tracking, especially under worst case conditions, do often lead to feelings of enhanced well-being, the way only "doing serious time" with the best ecological practices can further evolve the "circular economy".

While TrueTyme can be useful to folks in solitary confinement, or recovering in Intensive Care Units, our typical user is someone who works in a windowless job environment. Or just indoors all day. So if you do, you may want to know that working without a window nearby is now known to be a factor in all kinds of circadian rhythm problems. Things like infertility, obesity, depression. If so, try working near a window, one where you get to see the sun's journey in the sky during the day as best you can, the way farm workers do. But if you can't -- and most of us cannot, you can always consider trying out something like one of these...

1) You can seek to keep track of where you are in the day by using Time.is. It is described as the world's most accurate web-based digital clock. Of course, sooner or later you still might suffer, but at least you will always be exactly on time.


2) You can use a very lovely wall clock called The Present, which does NOT show you where you are in the day NOR the night, NOR even where you are in the week NOR the month. But it does show you where you are in the year. So you still might not avoid one or more circadian rhythm-related problems, but at least you can show your colleagues a unique calendar elegantly described and marketed as a clock, one that is much endorsed by MOMA.


3) You can try TrueTyme for a while.

All of the above is our set up for this question, hopefully worthy of your time: For those who work indoors, and especially if you work in a windowless environment, have we got a smart clock and smart watch app for you?

We think our question (obviously a lame twist on a stand-up comic's shtick) may be worth some serious attention, just a few minutes of your valuable time. Is it?

Perhaps so. Maybe not. TT's potential health benefits have yet to be proven, even if they are intriguing possibilities.

Why not? 1st, because professional chronobiology researchers and others have many other directions in which to pursue research, and most of them much likely more profitable (to them). And, 2nd, most TT users, just as you would, limit their focus to their own personal interests -- and, e.g., at times using TT's color-coded MoodTyme mood journaling & analysis to become more self-aware of usually "under the radar" circadian and circalunar influences.

In any case, while the science of true-timing has yet to take off, on occasion our Better Tymes Project does get bravos from users like this one below per increased feelings of well-being and "natural happiness", the kind of personal up-lifting that comes with not only being good to others, but -- from time to time -- also being good to yourself.

If you are curious about what can happen when TT users try out our not too overly precise, but truly complete method of knowing where they really are during each day and night, its latest version is now available for a free one week trial. After which -- keep at no charge -- several of our features. Our way of showing you that we really do appreciate your time!

And don't let TT's totally unexpected popularity as an ice-breaker trivialize its serious aspects. Its abstract realism displays of time (even if they do look like images out of an off-world sci fi movie) really do, at a glance, tell you and your mind "local earth time" -- just as your body needs to know the time! E.g., here is what avant garde artist and TrueTyme power-user, Alison Pilorz, told us about her own experiences using several of TrueTyme's features...

“TrueTyme is an excellent app for getting yourself back on track! I found TrueTyme purely by chance when I was looking for a live wallpaper that would show the time. I like clocks, and the appearance appealed to me. I liked the idea of the sun and the moon going around. After I checked out their website and found out more about it, I was even more excited about it. I work in an office that’s in an old warehouse building. It’s no longer a warehouse, but space is rented out/sold to various businesses, and the company I work for is one of many that now occupy the building. Unfortunately, because it used to be a warehouse, the only windows are in the stairwells! You don’t realize how disconcerting it is to not know where the sun is relative to the time of day, until, of course, you can’t see it. Even after working there for months, I still didn’t quite realize how much it affected me, until I got TrueTyme. It made such a big difference knowing where the sun was in the sky! It actually helped me keep track of the time more than just looking at a clock! After about a week of using it, I got back in touch with the cycle of the day. “Keeping track of my moods is another big help! I started to notice times of the day where I got tired or run down, and I was able to see how that changed as I began to be aware of the movement of the sun, even inside our windowless office! I also created my own option to keep track of how healthy I felt. I’d been getting sick a lot, so I used that to keep an eye on myself. If I noticed that I’d been feeling a little sick more often, I could nip it in the bud! The mood tracker is also a very good tool for me to use because I suffer from anxiety/panic disorder, and can get panic attacks. It lets me keep track of how I’m feeling, and lets me estimate if I’m going to have a “bad” day or not. I see it coming before it gets anywhere near bad, and can take steps to relax."

You can jump into a purchase of TrueTyme Full Features Forever here. But to better orient yourself so you can get more from its true time displays of sun and moon time, and other features like circadian and circalunar meditation, plus MoodTyme tracking and analysis of your moods, etc., we suggest you first take advantage of our free one week trial -- at the end of which you get to freely keep 1st level features.

Furthermore, if you prefer to know more details about TT before living with true time for a week, here from the Better Tymes Project, developer of TrueTyme, is a TTymely FAQ about our "moving forwards by moving back in time" smart clock app for Android phones, tablets and smartwatches. (And, hopefully one day soon, also for Apple and WEAR platforms -- as soon as we can find the right volunteers.)

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    Most of the excitement about TrueTyme is about its circadian displays of the passage of the sun (both when it is journeying up in the sky in the day AND when it is traveling below the horizon in the "underworld" at night). But, as you can see, our Better Tymes Project has also recently added the circalunar journeying of the moon both above AND below the horizon, which have recently been discovered to also effect our moods and behaviors.

Our Better Tymes Project is always looking for citizen scientists, volunteer programmers, and web word of mouth. See this as an introduction to why TrueTyme may be worth trying for a while. Google the terms circadian and any illness of interest to see if there is a connection. No Big Pharma researchers or Big Pharma itself can profit from true time. So we need you to evaluate it, the way that you may possibly need it: it can't hurt and it might help.

Style AND Substance

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Who says being super self-aware can't be cool?

Many of us seek to eat organic and local so as to be spiritually practical. TT 's natural displays based on your location are as "at one" as time & timing can get. And not only can you see true time on your mobile phone and tablet, you can also put it on your HDTV!

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