As society at large careens towards the high-speed culture of the twenty-first century, small pockets of protest have begun to appear... They would ask us to give up our preocupation with accelerating time and begin the process of reintegrating ourselves back into the periodicities that make up the many physiological time worlds of the earth organism.
Jeremy Rifkin's Time Wars

TrueTyme is a unique timewhole instead of timepiece device, a patented very smart clock/smart watch app and widget. It combines the circles within circles of one of the most beautiful examples of mathematics as art -- with the slow, but steady passage of local and organic, sun time and moon time. The beauty more than face deep result, praised by TED super-star, Carl Honore, as being in accord with his In Praise of Slow movement, is a unique method of natural time consciousness-raising, created to enhance mind-body well-being.

In addition to its Mobius Strip-like use of Farey Sequence/Ford Circles, totally unique, TT also offers equally unique MoodTyme tracking/analysis features that enable users to become exquisitely aware of how their ups and downs and other moods and behaviors might be being influenced by the passing of both sun and moon time?

Please note: If and when you begin using TrueTyme's MoodTyme sun and moon journaling and analysis of your mood journaling, please revisit these details from MoodTyme's designer, Catherine Darrow:

"The idea behind our TT MoodTyme analysis screen is to let you compare your moods to natural cycles.

* Perhaps you are happier in the morning (on sun time),

* or perhaps you feel sillier depending on the phase of the moon.

* The chart compares the journal entries you've made for a particular mood to the time cycle you select. Each square is a journal entry.

* If you see a field of squares all over the screen, that cycle doesn't affect that mood.

* If the squares are concentrated in one part of the chart or another, or make a diagonal line, that cycle IS correlated with that mood, a good thing to know about yourself! Bigger squares represent more journal entries

*. If you see big squares in one part of the screen and not others, that means you tended to feel a particular way at a particular part of that MoodTyme journal and analyzed circadian sun or circalunar moon cycle."

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    Most of the excitement about TrueTyme is about its circadian displays of the passage of the sun both when it is journeying up in the sky in the day AND when it is traveling below the horizon in the "underword" at night. But, as you can see, our Better Tymes Projct has also recently added the circalunar journeying of the moon in the sky and traveling of the moon when below the horizon, now found to also effect our moods and our behaviors.

To further explore circalunar as well as circadian effects on us, perhaps send a volunteer programmer and/or some citizen scientists our way. Why that might be very important...

Style AND Substance

TrueTyme is for tehno-bohemians, fashion outlaws and other kinds of cultural creatives, indeed anyone who seeks to live In the Moment, while staying well ahead of his or his often boring times.

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Who says being super self-aware can't be cool?

Many of us seek to eat organic and local so as to be spiritual practically. TT 's natural displays based on your location are as personal as time & timing can get.

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Move Over DaVinci. Make room for Chicken Soup for the Soul's Thomas Moore; the In Praise of Slowness movement's Carl Honere; Holy Hormones Honey blog publisher, Leslie Carol Bothe; Dr. Oz; and leading edge chronobiologists.

And many better times surprises, including a leading Christian Evangelical Theologian, who reveals a hidden in plain sight, ecological salvation option in the Book of Revelations. In accord with TT as a supportive kind of Positive Apocalypse ("helping to pull back the veil back from dark corporatism and Big Pharma, etc.") clock?

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