What will TT's true time be for you?

Is TrueTyme eye-catching, ice-breaking mind-body "math-art"? Or is it a FitBit-enhancing "timewhole", one especially created for the natural-high minded? Either way, TrueTyme's localized sun & moon time (and mood) tracking -- and especially under worst case conditions, is full of colorful feature-rich surprises.

While TrueTyme can be useful to folks recovering in Intensive Care Units, or even in solitary confinement in prisons, our typical user is someone who works in a windowless job environment. Or just all day indoors. So if you do, you may want to know that working without a window nearby is now known to be a factor in all kinds of circadian rhythm problems. Things like infertility, obesity, depression. If so, try working near a window, one where you get to see the sun's journey in the sky during the day as best you can, the way farm workers do. But if you can't -- and most of us cannot, you can always consider trying out something like one of these...

1) You can seek to keep track of where you are in the day by using Time.is. It is described as the world's most accurate web-based digital clock. Of course, sooner or later you still might suffer, but at least you will always be exactly on time.


2) You can use a very lovely wall clock called The Present, which does NOT show you where you are in the day NOR the night, NOR even where you are in the week NOR the month. But it does show you where you are in the year. So you still might not avoid one or more circadian rhythm-related problems, but at least you can show your colleagues a unique calendar elegantly described and marketed as a clock, one that is much endorsed by MOMA.


3) You can try TrueTyme for a while.

TT's potential benefits beyond enhanced feelings of well-being are not yet scientifically proven, but those are intriguing possibilities. One day if there is enough of a push from sufferers of circadian rhythm related ills, perhaps chronobiology scientists will do true time research. For now though, some TT users here and there are giving us details of their own color-coded MoodTyme mood journaling & analysis results and/or other other feedback. E.g., here is what avant garde artist and TrueTyme power-user, Alison Pilorz, told us about her own experiences using several of TrueTyme's features...

You can jump into a purchase of TrueTyme Full Features Forever here. But to better orient yourself so you can get more from its true time displays of sun and moon time, and other features like circadian and circalunar meditation, plus MoodTyme tracking and analysis of your moods, etc., we suggest you first take advantage of our free one week trial -- at the end of which you get to freely keep 1st level features.

Furthermore, if you prefer to know more details about TT before living with true time for a week, here from the Better Tymes Project, developer of TrueTyme, is a TTymely FAQ about our "moving forwards by moving back in time" smart clock app for Android phones, tablets and smartwatches. (And, hopefully one day soon, also for Apple and WEAR platforms -- as soon as we can find the right volunteers.)

TrueTyme with MoodTyme for your inner child and the rest of you. Use it whenever you feel it’s time to be more in touch inside and out with both Nature AND your deepest self.

TrueTyme adds SunTyme and MoonTyme to corporate standard time. It also offers MoodTyme mood journaling and analysis by sun & moon time. So use TrueTyme to improve your sense of well-being and your work & play productivity, and better control your moods.

TrueTyme’s circadian circles-of-time begin with KinderTyme, TT’s basic clock mode. KT gets your inner child back in touch with the passage of natural local day and night by using “sun in the day” and “phase-of-the-moon at night” symbols. Using KinderTyme helps you keep track of the passage of time in the same natural way that you saw time as a small child. See our Testimonials Page for a power user’s example of how TrueTyme can help increase your sense of well-being and your productivity and better control your moods.

TrueTyme now runs as an Android app, widget and live wallpaper on Android phones and tablets…

Also see TT4TV on your High Definition Television using an Android-based MK802 mini-computer…

Be one of the first to turn a Sony SmartWatch into a TrueTyme TTristWatch.

Plus, use our free TT4PC Screen Saver.


More advanced clock modes are also available. These include SunTyme with MoonTyme and MoonTyme with SunTyme. They add “sun above AND below the horizon” (and also “moon above AND below the horizon”) times to displays of corporate standard time. All of TrueTyme’s natural times are based on your own geographic location. While that may mean little to you now, your inner child, your biological clock and the rest of you may soon love you for it. Please note that as TrueTyme is not magic, many of your most meaningful discoveries and desired results may take time.

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  1. What gets in the way of most women being our own best friends, time and timing-wise? The answer might be as simple as this thoughtful response from a very supportive TrueTyme user…

    “As young women, we learn that we can control our bodies and have babies whenever we want to. We can take medicine, go to college, date, have careers, and not have to worry about becoming pregnant. We can have it all – as long as we use birth control. We don’t learn about cycles, fertility, or the natural rhythms that affect our fertility.

    “Then, after we’ve had our careers, etc., we think that we are still in control and have babies whenever we want to. That change usually happens around age 30 – 35. Unfortunately, many women find out that they are not in control of their fertility at that point and return to the doctor for a medical solution. Once again, there is little information about natural rhythms and cycles that affect fertility. Only the women who seek alternatives are going to find that diet, sun light, moon time, etc. have a positive impact on fertility.

    “What your suggesting make sense but it is so exotic in our society where remedies come from doctors and can be bought. We are so detached from nature. I think that there is a market for your concept, but it is hard to find because it is contrary to the conventional wisdom that we are in control of our bodies.

    “The irony is that we know the sunlight and the cycles of the moon affect fertility in every other mammal. Sheep and cows have to go through a “dark cycle” before they are fertile. Even chickens need sunlight to lay eggs.

  2. I have truetyme on my computer and I find it helps me focus on my work. I believe that there is a biological reason for this feeling. Despite the modernity of our culture, there are many cultures where knowing one’s relationship to the sun and the moon are still an essential part of daily life. I look forward to having more truetyme clocks in my life.

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