What will TT's true time be for you?

Is TrueTyme eye-catching, ice-breaking mind-body "math-art"? Or is it a FitBit-enhancing "timewhole", one especially created for the natural-high minded? Either way, TrueTyme's localized sun & moon time (and mood) tracking -- and especially under worst case conditions, is full of colorful feature-rich surprises.

While TrueTyme can be useful to folks recovering in Intensive Care Units, or even in solitary confinement in prisons, our typical user is someone who works in a windowless job environment. Or just all day indoors. So if you do, you may want to know that working without a window nearby is now known to be a factor in all kinds of circadian rhythm problems. Things like infertility, obesity, depression. If so, try working near a window, one where you get to see the sun's journey in the sky during the day as best you can, the way farm workers do. But if you can't -- and most of us cannot, you can always consider trying out something like one of these...

1) You can seek to keep track of where you are in the day by using Time.is. It is described as the world's most accurate web-based digital clock. Of course, sooner or later you still might suffer, but at least you will always be exactly on time.


2) You can use a very lovely wall clock called The Present, which does NOT show you where you are in the day NOR the night, NOR even where you are in the week NOR the month. But it does show you where you are in the year. So you still might not avoid one or more circadian rhythm-related problems, but at least you can show your colleagues a unique calendar elegantly described and marketed as a clock, one that is much endorsed by MOMA.


3) You can try TrueTyme for a while.

TT's potential benefits beyond enhanced feelings of well-being are not yet scientifically proven, but those are intriguing possibilities. One day if there is enough of a push from sufferers of circadian rhythm related ills, perhaps chronobiology scientists will do true time research. For now though, some TT users here and there are giving us details of their own color-coded MoodTyme mood journaling & analysis results and/or other other feedback. E.g., here is what avant garde artist and TrueTyme power-user, Alison Pilorz, told us about her own experiences using several of TrueTyme's features...

You can jump into a purchase of TrueTyme Full Features Forever here. But to better orient yourself so you can get more from its true time displays of sun and moon time, and other features like circadian and circalunar meditation, plus MoodTyme tracking and analysis of your moods, etc., we suggest you first take advantage of our free one week trial -- at the end of which you get to freely keep 1st level features.

Furthermore, if you prefer to know more details about TT before living with true time for a week, here from the Better Tymes Project, developer of TrueTyme, is a TTymely FAQ about our "moving forwards by moving back in time" smart clock app for Android phones, tablets and smartwatches. (And, hopefully one day soon, also for Apple and WEAR platforms -- as soon as we can find the right volunteers.)

Decoding Egypt’s Deifications of Time?

If you are into little-known aspects about Egyptian mythology, such as the fact that Horus, Egypt’s god of Time, was sometimes called “Horus of the Two Horizons”, first notice how TrueTyme too informs us of the passages of sun time (AND moon time), both relative to two horizons.

And then consider using an unconventional, yet “astro-logical” method of decoding a very famous menage-a-trois found in basic Egyptian mythology. I.e., how about seeing what emerges just by using TrueTyme’s patented “SunTyme” and “MoonTyme” displays in winged-hourglass fast-time mode to interpret in a time-wise way ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that depict Thoth the Moon god and his consort Ma’at standing on either side of Ra as they take passage each day and night in changing ways over the course of each month on his “sunboat”: 1) with Ma’at said to be guiding Ra’s divine celestial vehicle — and 2) with Thoth, alchemy’s god of Wisdom, perhaps reflecting upon the once-a-month-in-sync and once-a-month-in-counter-sync journeys of sun and moon, as each of them and both of them travel in the skies above the world AND also the skies of the underworld, as per this example…


With its depictions of ancient Egypt’s every night undersun and (sometimes in the day and sometimes in the night) undermoon journeys in the undersky of the underworld added to those when the sun and moon are in the sky above, it is easy to see a literal as well as legendary “dancing to the music of the spheres over the course of each month”/joint lunar AND solar clock: e.g., see how like natural minute of natural hour of natural day and night of natural month qclock-work, during the first half of each month — beginning right after after its day of the new moon, the sun is increasingly racing away from the moon (which each day is an additional fifty minutes behind it), until the sun catches up with the moon in front of it on the night of that month’s full moon; after which the sun increasingly is racing towards the moon ahead of it until it again catches up with the moon, this time on the day of the next month’s new moon.

You do not need to use TrueTyme to see that natural time minute-hour-day-month clock — which is always operating on as well as above and/or below each of us — but it helps. In any case, regardless of how you get to that revelation about the monthly relationship of the sun with two different personifications of the moon, once you do see that you can start having some fun by astounding your friends with an additional set of ancient hidden-in-plain-sight sun time and moon time knowledge, and much more easy to summarize: the new moon rises at sunrise, the first quarter moon rises at noon, the full moon rises at sunset, and the last quarter moon rises at mid-night. And then perhaps use the comments option below to make known what other hieroglyphic deifications of time and other facts you and your friends can see being revealed in TrueTyme’s Sun Time and Moon Time displays!

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