"Time has been transformed, and we have changed. It has advanced and set us in motion, it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration." -- Kahlil Gibran.

Experience the kind of self re-orienting (only temporary!) bewilderment that can come with seeing time as our bodies best know "the time". And very soon after that begin knowing the increasingly awesome exhilaration which comes with being home again in real time. And then perhaps also experience the always at hand further exhilaration that can come with using a transformational wristwatch -- in our case, the most bio-logical reason to wear an Android or other smart watch... true time!

Our unique TrueTyme smart clock/smart watch app and widget is for the rare life-enhancement strategists who know that sometimes the best way to move forwards is to first take a step backwards. In our case, e.g., creatively going back to basics when it comes to the meaning of "time". Based on one of the most beautiful examples of mathematics as art, our TrueTyme smart clock and watch app and widget synchronizes circling circles with local times of the risings and settings of the sun and moon. The result is a unique multi-dimensional consciousness-raising method of enhancing mind-body well-being. Its patented Mobius Strip-like use of Farey Sequence/Ford Circles totally unique, as is TT's equally unique MoodTyme tracking/analysis -- which enables you to become extremely aware of how your changing moods and other behaviors are being influenced by the passing of both sun and moon time!

Once you have begun to use many of TrueTyme's unique features including MoodTyme's sun and moon analytics of your mood journaling, revisit these overview details from MoodTyme's designer, Catherine Darrow: "The idea behind our TT MoodTyme analysis screen is to let you compare your moods to natural cycles. Perhaps you are happier in the morning (on sun time), or perhaps you feel sillier depending on the phase of the moon. The chart compares the journal entries you've made for a particular mood to the time cycle you select. Each square is a journal entry. If you see a field of squares all over the screen, that cycle doesn't affect that mood. If the squares are concentrated in one part of the chart or another, or make a diagonal line, that cycle IS correlated with that mood, a good thing to know about yourself! Bigger squares represent more journal entries. If you see big squares in one part of the screen and not others, that means you tended to feel a particular way at a particular part of that Moodtyme journal and analyzed circadian sun or circalunar moon cycle."

Whether sun time & moon time are artistically looked at from the bottoms up necessities-of-life point of view of the library-like restroom at Bon, a very in-your-face Millennials/Bohemian arts & entertainment coffee house and club in Charlottesville VA U.S.A.; or examined more trans-culturally per the AmerIndian "But for the Sun and the Moon, both humans and animals are animals..." Perspectivism insights of Eduardo Viveiros De Castro, Brazil's leading anthrolopologist -- OR looked at in some way which is even more "you" -- you are invited to send us your answer to this hopefully intriguing question: Why is it that those TT users who treat TrueTyme as a guessing game about where they are in sun and moon time tend to be the ones most quickly able to grasp the well-being value of knowing their true times (as described on this site in detail)?

Most of the answers we have received so far have been thoughtful, and often very thought-provoking. And none of them more so than this one, which sees TrueTyme as an eternal time and timing Zen koan.

To help those of you what our TT smart clock and smart watch "game" adds to conventional clock and watch time, consider its various colorful displays within the context of several astro-illogical paradoxes and anomalies -- and an unexpected miracle of sorts, all four of them unconventional challenges to conventional wisdom...

* Every day has a day and night.

* We have the sun in the morning and the moon at night. But, truth be told, the moon is up there in the sky some mornings soon after sunrise -- and at other times, up there in the late afternoon sky right before sunset.

* We call the time when the sun is journeying below us, "night". Yet, as if it does not matter, we do not have a word for when the moon is journeying below us as well -- even though it is now known that we all have moon clocks within us as well as sun clocks!!! BTW, if you are curious, more about how that discovery was made in Professor Richard Cytowic, M.D.'s Touched By The Moon column in Psychology Today.) BTW2, after reading about those amazing internal moon clocks of ours, you now know more about the real possibility of effects of the moon on you than many sleep experts. Furthermore, to really blow your mind, READ THIS! :-) After which, if you do nothing else on this site, folks, learn about the amazing background and values of Dr. David A. Goodman -- not just one of the few chronobiologists in the world who refused to be seduced by Big Pharma, but also one of its greatest discoverers and inventors, per this awsome interview.

Furthermore, of huge importance, it is now also known -- by those in the know (including now you) that every day and night of each day, our internal circadian clocks need to be re-synced to the passage of the sun in the sky above us. AND ALSO in the "undersky" below us. And very likely our circalunar clocks too.

Maybe all that is why messed up internal clocks are of increasing concern to extra savvy and self-aware women -- and the men who love them! In any case, potential or beginner TrueTymer, that is why we include a very cool, unique MoodTyme mood journaling and analysis by daily/nightly/intra-month sun and moon times feature in TrueTyme for users interested in self-tracking and other citizen-science, as well as professional research.

So for those of you women AND men who work in windowless environments or are otherwise separated from frequent awareness of the sun's ebbs & flows and those of the moon, welcome to even more of our fact-filled sales pitch (which includes a free "sun in the day/moon at night" version) about an astro-logical clock & "timescope" so uniquely Ptolemaicly Egyptian and Kandinsky-like post-modern (as compared with Renaissance ones), that ours has a U.S. patent. With images of time, paradoxically, so pre- AND post-modern that one day TrueTyme might be in both the Met and MOMA. (So you might want to get into TT first. -)

As you can see, our site is meant to be a whimsical, thought-provoking edumercial of sorts for those who may be curious about aspects of circadian and circalunar time, especially the kinds of facts about biological time & timing that sleeping pill manufacturers and others don't want us to think about. Just as they don't want us to think about the historic battles about Daylight Saving Time added to Time Zones added to Mechanical Time, as described, e.g., in Jeremy Rifkin's Time Wars -- big-time.

That said, TrueTyme.org is for time fashionistas and other culture rebels who are already or might soon be thinking of themselves as sort of a new beat generation, perhaps even rocking and rolling natural time-wise to these coffee-house hazy lines of Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead: "There is a road, no simple highway. Between the dawn and the dark of night. And if you go, no one may follow. That path is for your steps alone."

An aside: Is that why TT users who choose to go beyond the free "sun in the day/moon at night" gift version included at the end of their free trials, get all of TrueTyme forever at a special "high time for natural time" price? Yup. We want to very tangibly show our sincere appreciation for those coolest of the cool TrueTymers who appreciate and support what we are doing and why! Instead of being turned off by the often very spooky events that continue to be a source of inspiration for all of us, users, fans and volunteers alike.

- - -
E.g., thank you, Carl Honore for hugely leading the way back to natural slow time. We are honored and heartened that TrueTyme's flows and ebbs of solar and lunar time (with its patented depictions of both sun and moon journeying in the sky above us AND the undersky below us -- as observed in this fast-time mode version of our
TrueTyme Music of the Spheres -- is listed as part of your over one million times YouTube-viewed life-enhancing "Slow Movement". And thank you Martha Rosenberg and Dissident Voice for shining the light on the dark-side of "non-24 hour sleep wake disorder".

And thank you dear (deservedly world-famous women's health activist) Leslie Carol Botha for your very cool Holy Hormones Honey blog -- and for being there for us. All our love, Jackie and Yale
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,

How much can TrueTyme contribute to enhancing mind and body practices for those of us living urban life-styles? Especially within the context of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind author Cyndi Lee's...

"Sitting on our veranda at Strawberry Hill, a mountaintop retreat in Jamaica... it's easy to feel spacious and alive, vast and open, connected to sky and earth. This feeling comes naturally here but just as easily dissolves when we're confronted with the 'too many people, too little time, too much to do' syndrome of everyday life back in Manhattan. Maybe if we lived here all the time we'd always feel boundless and accessible.

"All of us tend to look outside of ourselves for the source of contentment, and that's exactly how we create our own discomfort. We forget that what we need to find [for] this kind of well-being is completely available to us all the time. It's [within] our own body and mind."

See a video of our true time "all of time for all of you" smart clock and smartwatch app with many cool features for mind and body. And then after using TT for a month or so, perhaps tell your own instructor how well our natural kind of "true timing" enhances your own yoga and/or other mindfulness & exercise practices?
- - -
- - -
- - -
TrueTyme displays the whole of time for the whole you, not just standardized pieces of time for the corporate you. Its all-seen-at-once depictions of sun time and moon time are a sight to behold: both when the moon and the sun are visible above us as per our individual latitudes and longitudes.

AND, in a curiously comforting way, ALSO "visable" as well to TT users when the moon and/or the sun are below their local horizons in the "underskies" of their own personal "underworlds". Perhaps TrueTyme's true times are so comforting because they are the clock and watch versions of old-fashioned comfort food: for TrueTymers, time is ultra-local. Locality-wise, inhabitants the next town over and up to half a world of meridians away, are in reality seeing the sun and/or the moon up in their own skies. And, with TrueTyme, also in their own underskies.

Btw, if some of that stuff has confused you, don't worry. It will all make sense within a day or so of using TT as a whole-of-time timewhole replacement of a piece of time timepiece, worst case (and usually much sooner) as both your mind and your body clocks become increasingly familiar with TrueTyme's simultaneously archaic & new-fangled apricitous displays of the twists & turns and ups & downs of sun time and moon time. Note: For a special twist about time (if you happen to be interested in timeless mathematical secrets), we offer via our Menu a free pamphet that claims to reveal aspects of Mobius strips as they relate to aspects of time, possible revelations that seem to be much in sync with these words for the curious (found here and there in occult corners of the Web) about a book published around the time of Shakespeare and John Dee: The promise of Horus' return and the moon growing full...

Those few enigmatic words about the so-called "Voynich Manuscript", a book prized even by America's NSA National Security Agency. As Ancient Egypt's astrologers were were so adept at tracking the times of the risings and settings of their Ra sun and Thoth moon, could secret health and well-being knowledge have been in the possession of Egypt's pharoahs and priests? If so, such a chrono-cognitive understanding of "above and below" time would have been one of the greatest treasured secrets that set those sacred elites apart from the crowd. In any case, TT's SunTyme, MoonTyme, MoodTyme (and more) do that for TrueTymers. And with no need to rule a kingdom with a flail and a crook. -)

"come, Romeo, come, thou day in night; / For thou wilt lie upon the wings of night..."

And another aside: Speaking of being separated from the crowd, thank you TIME Magazine for recently shining the spotlight on a solar versus lunar spirituality controversy that has resulted from Professor Reverend Barbara Brown Taylor's "Embracing The Darkness" proposal. More about that and where TrueTyme time-keeping might fit in to bring things back into balance is found via our Menu entry.*

*But, of course, there are more than post-modern theologies and true-time-keeping needed to set things right again. Which is why Jackie and I season this TrueTyme.org site of yours from time to time with the timely works and timeless missions of many kindred spirits, the most recent of which being Charlottesville, Virginia painter, writer and architect Robert Anderson, author of these words, "I am always in a state of exploration, where the act of painting and putting line to paper is a meditation for me on my profound spiritual connection and common origin with the nature all around me.">>> We hope you will join Carl, Leslie, Bob and all of the other cultural creatives referred to on this site in making better times happen in every way you can.
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
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- - -
- - -
And last, but not least, thank you London's Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press for your very cool question... "If clock time--a linear measurement that can be unified, followed and owned--is largely the invention of capitalist modernity and binds us to its strictures, how can we extricate ourselves and discover alternative possibilities of experiencing time?"

And for a possibly equally cool answer because it is way outside of conventional wisdom, why not freely experience for a few days our UNUSUALLY COMFORTING "SUN TIME" AND EDGY "MOON TIME" images? Fair Warning: If you seek to benefit from using our unique clock app, please be aware that learning how TrueTyme's SunTyme and MoonTyme displays get users back in touch with Nature's rhythms and cycles -- and their own -- can take a little time. Usually just a few minutes, but sometimes a little longer.

How short or long it takes depends on how much you are (or are not) in touch with natural time when you get started. In any case, you will know you are ready as soon as these astro-logically poetic words about the difference between nightfall and night make sense to you: "Nightfall. When day turns softly to evening. But night does not fall. It rises." (The first lines of Astronomy Professor James B. Kaler's Day Into Night).

Please also note that to save you time, we offer a free Android Play trial, a free on-line tutorial/demo, and free email and telephone support. Yale@Better-Tymes.com.



You can use the email button on your TrueTyme Android mobile phone or tablet app to send us your user experiences. Here is a wonderfully detailed one from Alison Pilorz
“TrueTyme is an excellent app for getting yourself back on track! I found TrueTyme purely by chance when I was looking for a live wallpaper that would show the time. I like clocks, and the appearance appealed to me. I liked the idea of the sun and the moon going around. After I checked out their website and found out more about it, I was even more excited about it. I work in an office that’s in an old warehouse building. It’s no longer a warehouse, but space is rented out/sold to various businesses, and the company I work for is one of many that now occupy the building. Unfortunately, because it used to be a warehouse, the only windows are in the stairwells! You don’t realize how disconcerting it is to not know where the sun is relative to the time of day, until, of course, you can’t see it. Even after working there for months, I still didn’t quite realize how much it affected me, until I got TrueTyme. It made such a big difference knowing where the sun was in the sky! It actually helped me keep track of the time more than just looking at a clock! After about a week of using it, I got back in touch with the cycle of the day.

“Keeping track of my moods is another big help! I started to notice times of the day where I got tired or run down, and I was able to see how that changed as I began to be aware of the movement of the sun, even inside our windowless office! I also created my own option to keep track of how healthy I felt. I’d been getting sick a lot, so I used that to keep an eye on myself. If I noticed that I’d been feeling a little sick more often, I could nip it in the bud! The mood tracker is also a very good tool for me to use because I suffer from anxiety/panic disorder, and can get panic attacks. It lets me keep track of how I’m feeling, and lets me estimate if I’m going to have a “bad” day or not. I see it coming before it gets anywhere near bad, and can take steps to relax.

“All in all it’s a wonderful tool that can help you get in touch not only with the day, but with yourself.”
Alison can be contacted directly via her web site.

Everybody and every body is different. On the other hand, we are starting to get feedback that has us more and more inclined to guess that our Better Tymes Project and Better Tymes For Women one are on the right track. Please send us your testimonial too if you also are getting great results from using TrueTyme!!!

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