What will TT's true time be for you?

Is TrueTyme eye-catching, ice-breaking mind-body "math-art"? Or is it a FitBit-enhancing "timewhole", one especially created for the natural-high minded? Either way, TrueTyme's localized sun & moon time (and mood) tracking -- and especially under worst case conditions, is full of colorful feature-rich surprises.

While TrueTyme can be useful to folks recovering in Intensive Care Units, or even in solitary confinement in prisons, our typical user is someone who works in a windowless job environment. Or just all day indoors. So if you do, you may want to know that working without a window nearby is now known to be a factor in all kinds of circadian rhythm problems. Things like infertility, obesity, depression. If so, try working near a window, one where you get to see the sun's journey in the sky during the day as best you can, the way farm workers do. But if you can't -- and most of us cannot, you can always consider trying out something like one of these...

1) You can seek to keep track of where you are in the day by using Time.is. It is described as the world's most accurate web-based digital clock. Of course, sooner or later you still might suffer, but at least you will always be exactly on time.


2) You can use a very lovely wall clock called The Present, which does NOT show you where you are in the day NOR the night, NOR even where you are in the week NOR the month. But it does show you where you are in the year. So you still might not avoid one or more circadian rhythm-related problems, but at least you can show your colleagues a unique calendar elegantly described and marketed as a clock, one that is much endorsed by MOMA.


3) You can try TrueTyme for a while.

TT's potential benefits beyond enhanced feelings of well-being are not yet scientifically proven, but those are intriguing possibilities. One day if there is enough of a push from sufferers of circadian rhythm related ills, perhaps chronobiology scientists will do true time research. For now though, some TT users here and there are giving us details of their own color-coded MoodTyme mood journaling & analysis results and/or other other feedback. E.g., here is what avant garde artist and TrueTyme power-user, Alison Pilorz, told us about her own experiences using several of TrueTyme's features...

You can jump into a purchase of TrueTyme Full Features Forever here. But to better orient yourself so you can get more from its true time displays of sun and moon time, and other features like circadian and circalunar meditation, plus MoodTyme tracking and analysis of your moods, etc., we suggest you first take advantage of our free one week trial -- at the end of which you get to freely keep 1st level features.

Furthermore, if you prefer to know more details about TT before living with true time for a week, here from the Better Tymes Project, developer of TrueTyme, is a TTymely FAQ about our "moving forwards by moving back in time" smart clock app for Android phones, tablets and smartwatches. (And, hopefully one day soon, also for Apple and WEAR platforms -- as soon as we can find the right volunteers.)

TrueTyme: “The Whole Picture Of Time”.

TrueTyme is jointly distributed by Better Tymes Project
(A Benefit Corporation) — and Better Tymes For Women

Hiking mountain trails. Enjoying the ocean. Both are uplifting and grounding at the same time because we are human beings, not machines. Down to the deepest parts of our minds and bodies, we love and need to be connected with Nature.

Yet when we need to know the time, we tend to tell ourselves “mechanical time” with timepieces that isolate us from Nature’s rhythms and cycles — and our own. Why? First because until now, there has been no new kind of timewhole alternative to a conventional timepiece. And now because a so unique it is patented, “whole picture of time”, called TrueTyme, which adds sun times and moon times to regular time, is still too little known.

To help spread the word about TrueTyme, we are especially inviting fashionistas and other enlightened early adopters to trial and then use our revolutionary natural time clock and calendar “timewhole”, which gives the real you the micro-bursts of happiness and longer periods of well-being that come from informing your mind and body about where the both of you are in real time on earth and in the Cosmos. TrueTyme’s better times are all about helping human body clocks become more aware of where their bodies are in local natural time, a requirement not addressed by conventional timepieces that just tell us average times. (Worse, regular clocks and watches only display  averages of regular time as defined by the middle of a time zone, rather than EXACT latitude & longitude. EVEN worse, throughout most of the year, they impose on our minds and our  bodies disorienting and worse Daylight Saving Time.)

What makes TrueTyme a luxurious necessity for the parts of us that make us tick? It’s because our bodies have master body clocks whose job is to keep the operation of our organs, cells and twenty-five percent of our genes always in sync with natural time.

From a human body’s point of view, looking at even the most luxurious timepiece is often less of a luxury and more a waste of our time. Because even the most expensive conventional watch, with its displays of artificial average times, misinforms our minds and bodies about time. And thus for the same reason that you would not drive a car which had a broken speedometer that only updated  its displays of speed once every hour, not every second, we hope you will give TrueTyme a serious try. Including learning more about yourself with TrueTyme’s mood journaling, tracking and analysis by sun time, moon time and time of month and time of year…

Journal your feelings any time of day and night using color-coded sliders. And track your journal entries to give yourself a better picture of your ups & downs. Then use MoodTyme’s unique color-coded analysis tools to see how much your moods are being affected by the passages of sun time, moon time & moon phase?

After your 7 day trial/demo, keep one of TrueTyme’s two sun time modes as our gift. Or — by upgrading for a small contribution in support of our Better Tymes Project/Better Tymes For Women research — continue knowing your moon as well as sun-related times, and further gaining knowledge of your moods and your self.  Our Full version also enables you to continue using both TrimTyme and subliminal messages in support of whatever Weight-Watchers and/or other fitness programs you use. And for those practicing mindfulness, yoga, Reiki, etc., continue using fast-time mode MediTyme for (pre)meditation.


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NOTE: If you are an iPhone and/or iPad user, please help us port TrueTyme to IOS. We are about to use http://Pozible.com crowd-funding to have TrueTyme’s seven kinds of natural time clock images — as well as MoodTyme. MediTyme and TrimTyme — on the iPhone. And, as a second step, also on the iPad.